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Course: ENG201 – The Power of Persuasion Assignment 3: Fleshing Out Your Proposal

Course: ENG201 – The Power of Persuasion Assignment 3: Fleshing Out Your Proposal


Course: ENG201 – The Power of Persuasion
Assignment 3: Fleshing Out Your Proposal
Due: Week 9
Points: 200 points

Skill(s) Being Assessed: Communication (Writing)

Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:

Create an introduction that lays out the issue and establishes the need for the course of action presented in the proposal.
Create well developed and organized body paragraphs to persuade the audience to accept the proposal. The length is 3–5 pages.
Create a conclusion that summarizes the proposal’s key points and calls the audience to take specific action. The action to be taken is specific and practical. The length is five sentences.
Use credible and valid evidence to support ethical persuasive appeals. Apply an appropriate balance of persuasive appeals that are aligned to the audience to encourage the adoption of the proposal’s argument.
Reflect on how feedback was incorporated into your final document by concisely summarizing relevant feedback in your own words, describing specific changes made based on this feedback, and explaining how these changes improved the quality of work.
Produce writing that is clear and well organized and applies appropriate SWS style. Writing contains accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
What to Submit / Deliverables: A completed Assignment 3 Template (downloaded from the webtext), completed as a Microsoft Word document.

What is the value of doing this assignment? Throughout the course, you have examined various aspects of effective persuasive communication and the process that can be used to develop these types of written communications. This assignment gives you the opportunity to develop your communication skill by putting together everything you’ve learned about persuasive writing strategies and processes, as well as how to best use appeals depending on the audience. This assignment most closely mirrors the types of proposals you could write to influence change in your life and career. By completing this assignment, you will have a written proposal you can present to a relevant community board or to a group at work or use as a model for future proposals you will need to put together. By completing this assignment, you might be just a step away from changing your reality for the better.

Your goal for this assignment is to: Practice your communication skill by synthesizing all of your work on the previous assignments, along with the prewriting activities throughout the course to complete an effective proposal for your topic and argument. The final proposal should effectively identify what you want from the audience and have ethical persuasive appeals supported by credible and valid evidence.

Steps to complete: In Week 9, submit your assignment in Blackboard by following these steps:

STEP 1: Make sure you have completed the following prewriting activities in your Webtext:

Week 7: Describe the Problem.
Week 7: Present the Solution.
Week 7: Acknowledge the Risks.
Week 8: Present the Benefits.
Week 8: Revise the Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs.
Week 8: Build the Source List.
Week 9: Revise and Edit the Complete Proposal.
Week 9: Reflect on the Feedback.
STEP 2: Download and Edit Your Work

Complete all of the activities and templates in your webtext. Then, download Assignment 3 from the webtext. (You will need to finish all prewriting activities before you are able to download the packet.)
Edit Your Work:
Run your Word document through Grammarly to identify and correct any issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and style. NOTE: Refer to the webtext to learn how to sign up for and use Grammarly.
Remember to remove all of the Grammarly comments and underlined words before you submit!
You may also consider using as an additional resource to help you improve your proposal.