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A frequent activity

A frequent activity





Instructional Document: Length and Design appropriate for audience. Choose a task or an activity that would need to be carried out on a regular basis in the industry that you plan to enter after graduation. For your sake, the activity should be fairly simple and process-based, although that doesn’t mean that it can’t be time-consuming. For example, cataloging inventory in a retail business is a very time consuming task, but it essentially involves numerous repetitions of the same few simple steps carried out over a great number of items. Be sure to choose a task/activity with enough steps to warrant documented instructions, but not so many that it becomes overwhelming.

Once you have chosen your task/activity, identify the employee(s) who would be in charge of carrying it out and design/compose an instructional document that teaches them how to do so. In the context of this assignment, pretend that you (the writer of the document) are in charge of supervising these individuals as well as others within your department, so you want them to be able to carry the task out independently without constantly badgering you for help. Be sure to consider what kinds of instructions your employees can reasonably be assumed to understand and what instructions might need further explanation. Use diagrams or images for clarification whenever necessary.


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