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Articulate the Skinner’s position on EAB assignment essay paper

Articulate the Skinner’s position on EAB assignment essay paper


This is a paper that is focusing on the student to articulate the Skinner’s position on EAB assignment essay paper. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Articulate the Skinner’s position on EAB assignment essay paper

Instructions Articulate Skinner’s position on EAB. Support your premise with direct references to Skinner’s theory. Use the Capella library to locate four seminal EAB research studies that engage your foundational premise. For each study: Firstly, summarize the study and articulate its relationship to Skinner’s thinking. Analyze how relevant target behaviors were addressed through operant conditioning procedures. Secondly, hypothesize why the behaviors in the study function as they did and if they could function better with the use of alternate behavioral procedures.
Thirdly, explain the proposed intervention in the study and how the possible parameters of reinforcement schedules were utilized.

Fourthly, evaluate how or if the research study contributes to the establishment of better human behavior-shaping procedures. Also, evaluate the study for adherence to ethical guidelines in the field. Compare and contrast the four research studies, focusing on: The application of Skinner’s theory. The methodologies used. Contributions to the field of EAB and ABA. Issues your analysis raises for further professional study.
Lastly, organize your paper as follows: Title page Introduction Summary of individual research articles: Relationship to Skinner’s theory. Research design and methods. Analysis and implications. Comparison of the Research Studies: Application of Skinner’s theory. Research design and also methods. Implications for the fields of EAB and ABA. Conclusion. References Page. Additional Requirements Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message. APA formatting: Resources and also citations are formatted according to current edition APA style and formatting guidelines.

Articulate the Skinner’s position on EAB assignment essay paper

References: At least 10 scholarly resources. Length of paper: 11-12 typed, double-spaced pages of content, in addition to the title page and list of references. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. Use these as some of the references in the paper please: Iversen, I. H., & Lattal, K. A. (1991). Experimental analysis of behavior. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier Science. Skinner, B. F. (1953). Additionally, some contributions of an experimental analysis of behavior to psychology as a whole. The American Psychologist, 8(2), 69-78. Skinner, B. F. (1966). What is the experimental analysis of behavior?

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 9(3), 213-218. Skinner B. F. (1983). Can the experimental analysis of behavior rescue psychology? The Behavior analyst, 6(1), 9–17. Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, W. L. (2020). Applied behavior analysis (3rd ed.). Pearson. (Can be downloaded for free at Fabrizio, M. A. (2007). Lastly, an experimental analysis of two error correction procedures used to improve the textual behavior of a student with autism. The Behavior Analyst Today, 8(3), 260–271


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