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Civil war short story narrative

Civil war short story narrative


Imagine the Scene
The texts in this collection focus on the historical efforts to bring freedom and justice to all members of the
American society.
Look back at the anchor text, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, and at the other texts in this collection.
Imagine being alive during the Civil War Period.
In this activity, you will write a 500-1000 word fictional narrative (short story) synthesizing the historical
information found in these texts. (Check out these Top 500-word winning stories (opens in a new window) as
examples of length and style.)
Find Inspiration
Review “Civil War and Reconstruction” on pages 277-288; the film “Freedom’s Road: Slavery and the
Opposition (opens in a new window);” “Second Inaugural Address” on page 279; the film “The Second
Inaugural Address (opens in a new window),: “The Emancipation Proclamation” on page CR57;” and the film
“The 54th Massachusetts (opens in a new window)”

How did the events described in these texts and films affect real people at the time?
The characters, events, and setting of your story should reflect the history you learned in these texts.
Write down some ideas for your story:
Who will be in your story? A child, a teenager, or adult living during the Civil War? What problems will your
character face? Where will your story take place?
How will your story begin? end?

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