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This project will provide an occasion for students to employ all of the skills they have learned over the course of the term in a single integrated effort that closely mirrors the data management challenges they are likely to face in their professional careers.
Students will develop a database system designed to meet the needs of an organization. This includes:
i)               defining a problem domain (e.g., used car sales, auctions, service providers, etc.)
ii)             specifying the data management needs associated with that domain (e.g., capturing sales, maintaining customer information, managing inventory levels)
iii)           creating an ER model in accordance with the requirements developed
iv)            translating this ER model into a normalized (3NF) relational schema
v)             implementing the relational schema using SQL
vi)            manipulating the data in this schema to meet the everyday needs of the website (i.e., developing SQL commands to insert, update, delete, and query business data)
This project will be regulated by the following constraints:
a)     Whatever problem domain you choose and however you bound the functionality of your system, the database you ultimately implement must contain at least eight tables. (Your database can have more than eight tables, but you don’t need to have more than eight to get an excellent grade.)
b)    You must use Oracle to implement your database. You can use your Drexel Oracle account or any other Oracle implementation that you have at your disposal.
c)     You may work individually or in groups of up to 3 persons.
d)    Project reports must be submitted through Blackboard


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