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Define Corporate, Business, and Functional level Strategy: Fundamentals of Strategy Design Assignment, UoJ

Define Corporate, Business, and Functional level Strategy: Fundamentals of Strategy Design Assignment, UoJ


Question 1. Strategy Overview
a. Using an organization of your choice as a reference, define corporate, business, and functional level strategy, and give an example of the type of activity at each level.

b. Steve Jobs once famously responded when asked what his strategy was to reposition Apple, by operating at and why.

Question 2. External and Internal Analysis
The industry in the market. However, the resource-based view says that it is resultant from the uniqueness of the correct, can they?

Question 3. Culture
You are the CEO of an organization that is developing a new strategy. However, you fear that the culture might not be well suited to support the implementation of the strategy. Describe how you would
go about analyzing the behavioral, physical, and symbolic manifestations of the culture and propose potential fixes across these dimensions.

Question 4. Leadership 
A national State-Owned Entity is in trouble. It needs to return to profitability, cut costs, retain talent, improve operational efficiency and revive a culture that has been undermined by ineffective governance. The President has decided to turn to the private sector in South Africa. He can pick any CEO or Board Chairperson to head up the failing parastatal.
a. Who would you pick and what leadership traits have influenced your decision?
b. Discuss any one of the following in terms of what the leader needs to do:
i. Situational leadership
ii. Turnaround strategy
iii. Political mechanisms

Question 5. Business Strategy
a. Give three different ways in which Strategic Business Units (SBUs) can be organized. Briefly explain the benefits.
b. What generic strategy do the following organizations pursue and why:
i. Investec Bank (commercial);
ii. Nandos;

Question 6. Corporate Strategy & Development
You are consulting a growing company with a profitable South African business based on its core product. It faces the following choices:

i. Competition in its core market is beginning to intensify. It needs to protect its market leadership position and its margins which are under pressure.
ii. They say offense is the best defense. The company has employed this approach to develop a new product that is adjacent to its current offering. The product is not a market leader but has been doing well and is growing faster than the core business at present. It needs further funding in terms of marketing and promotion
iii. There is a significant opportunity in growing other African markets. A major partner has already done most of the groundwork for introducing the core product to new markets that could vastly increase the revenues and profitability of the business. Of course, there is some risk to consider.

iv. The company was part of a government initiative that has recently ended. The government allowed it to keep the associated intellectual property as it has no relevance in the South African market. This technology can however be exploited to create new products in a neighboring market and some reputable partners have expressed interest.

The Questions:7
a. How should the business think about taking advantage of the above opportunities?
b. What deliberate and emergent features could be deployed by the organization to manage there is strategy process going forward?