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Developing a simple Web server in Python

Developing a simple Web server in Python



Develop a simple Web server in Python/Java that is capable of processing only one request.

Specifically, your Web server will (i) create a connection socket when contacted by a client

(browser); (ii) receive the HTTP request from this connection; (iii) parse the request to determine

the specific file being requested; (iv) get the requested file from the server’s file system; (v)

create an HTTP response message consisting of the requested file preceded by header lines; and

(vi) send the response over the TCP connection to the requesting browser. If a browser requests

a file that is not present in your server, your server should return a “404 Not Found” error


The skeleton code is provided for your server in the companion Web site:…

Your job is to complete the code, run your server, and then test your server by sending requests

from browsers running on different hosts. If you run your server on a host that already has a Web

server running on it, then you should use a different port than port 80 for your Web server.


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