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Investment Analysis

Investment Analysis





Work out the following problems. Please turn them in to me by 6:00 p.m., Monday, March 1, 2021. Use of Tables is NOT permitted. Only a financial calculator or a spreadsheet may be used. This is an individual assignment and perhaps one of the best chances for you to learn and apply time value of money concepts. You may consult other members of the class, but your submission should be made separately and should mention the name of person(s) you worked with. Hand written answers are acceptable, as long as they are in a PDF file. All answers have to be sequential and properly labeled. Answer the questions as if you are taking a test on which partial credit may be awarded for partially correct answers. That is, show all your work and/or inputs. See me if you need help.

1. After numerous years as a senior executive in the professional wrestling business, Aunt Edna is planning to retire on December 31, 2021. Her company has offered her two retirement choices. The first is a twenty end-of-the year payments of $138,000 each starting on December 31, 2022 and the second is a lump sum of $1.50 million payable on January 1, 2022. Which one should she pick if her opportunity cost of money is 6.80%? Show all your work.

2. An auto dealer has designed a marketing gimmick. They are asking their customers to pay only $109 at the end of each month, for the first two years for a car priced at $12,000. The APR on the vehicle is 5.40% and the total term of the loan is 5 years. What is the monthly payment for the remaining three years? Interest is payable during the entire five year period.

3. The Booslers have twenty years remaining on a 4.08%APR thirty-year mortgage that had an initial balance of $500,000. The Bank of Greater Nowhere offers to refinance the loan at 3.24% APR for the next twenty years. What is the monthly saving for the Booslers. Show all your work. (Hint: Multi step problem. Figure out outstanding balance first)

4. Sam and Julie Trunk both just turned 45. Till now he has no savings and wants to retire at age 65. Sam and his wife Julie want to draw $5,000 at the end of each month for the expected 30 years in retirement. How much should Sam and Julie save at the end of each month for the next 20 years to meet their retirement goal? Time value of money is 6.60% APR. Show all your work.

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