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leadership 7

leadership 7


William is a leadership student at Trinity Western University.  He was helping a couple of his classmates with their assignments.  It didn’t take long before he realized that he can make some money while doing this.  William started charging $10 per page.  Then the demand for his services increases.  He was busy enough that he increased it to $15 per page, then $20 per page.  This business of ghostwriting was doing so well he boasts to his friends about what he is doing. Many students that are struggling with the stresses of life are using William’s new business to alleviate the pressure.
1) Define the dilemma of the situation and describe how you would respond to William if you were his friend. Should his professor respond to him? How should the university respond to him?
2) Use Kohlber’s six-stages of moral development to describe William’s ethical perspective (Northouse, 2019).
3) Use the Ethical Theories section and table 13.2 in Northouse (2019, p. 339-341) to describe William’s conduct and character.
4) How would you apply the Dark Side of Leadership to this scenario? (Northouse, 2019, p. 344-346)
5) How would you apply the Principles of Ethical Leadership to this scenario? (Northouse, 2019, p. 346-352)
6) Your friend Jane is struggling with her assignments; would you recommend William’s service to her? Why or Why not?


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