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Math in Society

Math in Society




Today, many people think of the arts as being very distinct from mathematics and science. But, in fact,
mathematics and the arts have a rich history together. Many of the great artists in history have also made
contributions to mathematics and science. Choose one of the topics listed below to explore connections
between art or music and mathematics.
Explore some connections between mathematics and art. This could include an investigation of the use of
symmetry and self-similar structure, fractal geometry, the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio. For example,
describe how the Fibonacci sequence is constructed. Explain what the Golden Ratio is and give an example
showing how it is calculated. Discuss how the Golden Ratio is connected to the Fibonacci sequence. Give at
least three instances where the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Ratio appears in art, architecture, or nature.
Explore some connections between mathematics and music. Discuss how mathematics is related to musical
tones and scales. Discuss how the long historical connection between mathematics and music has deepened
in the digital age. Explain why we have so many choices for digital music, such as AAC versus MP3 or 128
kbps versus 256 kbps, and describe how music is encoded.



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