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Mr. Ram, a 60-year-Old Male Experiencing severe Weakness and Mobility Issues: Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

Mr. Ram, a 60-year-Old Male Experiencing severe Weakness and Mobility Issues: Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Assignment, OUM, Malaysia


Assignment Scenario 1
Mr. Ram, a 60-year-old male experiencing severe weakness and mobility issues for the last 12 months. As he has poor muscle control, he is unable to transfer out by himself and had not moved out of the house independently since he suffered. His first symptoms appeared five years ago, which was walking difficulty. He was eventually diagnosed with PD at the age of 57.

He immediately began Parkinson’s medications and had to increase dosages as his condition declined. At the time of his initial evaluation, his most pronounced symptoms were difficulty in balance, numbness in his arms, and shuffling gait. He finds difficulties while doing gardening since he has slowness in his arm movements and rigidity. He takes more time to complete tasks and soon he gets fatigued. Eventually, this makes him obviously less enthusiastic in day-to-day activities.

He had also few episodes of falls in the early morning a few months ago.
He could not effectively communicate and express his feeling in terms of facial
expressions when he talks with his family; it limits his talk and chats with friends as well. Earlier to his impairments, he has been involved in arranging community activities and recreational events in and around his village. So he needs to become independent in walking and active communication to involve as an active volunteer to Organize such community activities.

Follow the guidelines below to write the assignment:

  • Write an introduction that addresses the pathology and provides some brief information about the patient case study indicating the focus of your assignment, i.e. which key problems you will address in the essay. Provide a rationale for prioritizing those problems for the physiotherapy management of this patient.
  • Provide a reasoned account of the physiotherapy treatment options available for the problems prioritized with recent evidence to support your choices.
  • Choose which treatment approach you think is most appropriate to the patient
    presented in the scenario and justify your chosen treatment approach, based on the contextual information and any supporting evidence available.
  • Identify appropriate outcome measures for this patient scenario, and discuss how you would evaluate your treatment and why the outcome measures are appropriate to the particular scenario. (This should incorporate evidence of reliability/validity of your chosen evaluation method/s.)
  • Provide a conclusion by summarizing the main points from your essay without adding any new information for the scenario discussed above.
  • Proper citation and referencing, academic style of writing, the structure of the assignment, standard of English, and alignment of the assignment will be accountable for the presentation.