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Professional work life and communication

Professional work life and communication



How professional worklife and communication is different than before with
the COVID global pandemic.
Write a literature review sharing what you’ve learned about your topic through your research. You may have to
find new sources or replace some from the Annotated Bibliography at this stage to narrow your focus. Finish
your literature review with a section on Observations & Recommendations on the topic. This is up to you—this
might be an area of research that should be expanded (with a specific idea of what to look into), a policy shift
that needs to be focused on in a particular industry, an area that needs to be more inclusive and why, etc.
3-5 pages (12 point font, Times New Roman 1.25 inch margins, double spaced, no additional spacing between
Review of the best, most relevant information and research on your topic.
Demonstrates your ability to accurately create a future research study, and in this case, make specific
recommendations on the work-life communication issue you are studying.
Using a minimum of 5 scholarly resources (plus any additional scholarly materials, secondary sources, trade
publications, popular media, etc).
Sources should be within 10 years old, additional resources may be older, but should be used judiciously.
APA formatted Reference page




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