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Water Sustainability Urban & Suburban Areas

Water Sustainability Urban & Suburban Areas




The Field Reflections Essay (4-5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font size, 1-inch margins) is one of the key ways you will analyze and synthesize information in SUST 220 and engage in experiential learning. The paper should describe and analyze your experiences and observations on (a) any two of the three virtual field trips during Weeks 6-8, and (b) your water quality sampling field activity during Weeks 8-9. In addition, you should incorporate discussion of at least three relevant sources from our required course readings, “From the Atlas of water”

: : Important Note — If you were unable to conduct the water quality sampling field activity for whatever reason (health issues, lack of safe access to a water today, lack of test kit), you should discuss all three of our virtual field trips in your paper.

Overarching Themes to Mull Over

Regardless of which option above you choose, all SUST 220 Water field trips (whether virtual or in- person) deal with the relation between water and sustainability, but in slightly different contexts. In your analysis, you should think about and reflect on issues such as:

how water moves through those ecosystems and sustains their biotic and human communities
what kinds of pressures urban or suburban development exert upon these ecosystems
the impact of such pressures on water quality, flooding, wastewater treatment, etc.
conservation and/or restoration strategies that can improve the quality and sustainability of these
aquatic ecosystems (such as green infrastructure)

the significance of water quality to the overall sustainability of urban systems, both in terms of
nature and people



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