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Miami Dade SA Treatment Coalition

Miami Dade SA Treatment Coalition



Requests for Proposals

Miami Dade SA Treatment Coalition

RFP #01939

Substance Abuse Treatment Center


The Miami Dade SA Treatment Coalition is looking for proposals for a substance abuse treatment center in Miami Dade County. This program will run starting January 1st, 2023 through December 31st 2024. Applications must be completed in their entirety and fulfill criteria for each stated area in the proposal. Submitted grants will be judged by a panel of addition professionals and scored accordingly.

The grant must be submitted in the follow format: 12 font, Times New Roman. There must be a cover page, a table of contents, a bibliography, and corresponding attachments (in that order)

Below are the questions that must be completed in order for the application to be reviewed.


Name of Program:

Statement of purpose including: (1 page)

· Need to be addressed in the community –Substance abuse related

· Please use specific data to address

· Specific populations to be served

· Examples:

· Adolescents

· Women

· Men

· Homeless

· Drug specific – IVE drug users, alcoholics, etc.

· Forensic (criminal)

Modalities of Care to be offered including: (1/2 page)

· Justification of why this specific modality fits best with your chosen population

· Can (and should) offer more than one modality of care (unless specifically outpatient)

Screening/Admission process (including specific screening tools to be used – Attachment A): (1 page)

· What criteria will you use to determine admission into a specific modality of care? (ASAM?)

· What screenings tools will you use?

Clinical Services/Programming including (including evidence based practice interventions to be used – Attachment B): (3-5 pages)

· How many clinicians you will have on staff/size of their caseloads/qualifications

· Individual Therapy:

· How often will the clients meet with their therapist?

· What EBP Interventions will be offered for individual therapy?

· Group Therapy:

· Which type of group therapy sessions will your treatment center offer and how many groups will the clients be required to attend weekly?

· How long will they be?

· Who will facilitate them?

· Examples:

· Psycho-therapeutic (process groups)

· Psycho-educational

· Classifications of drugs and their effects

· Pharmaceutical drugs (medical)

· Mental Illness

· Family systems

· Wellness

· Relapse Prevention

· Smoking Cessation

· Basic Life Skills (BLS)

Drug Testing Policy/Procedure (1 page)

· Which type of screening tools will you use and why?

· How often will you test? How will you test?

Ancillary Services (1 Page)

· What extra services will you provide at your center? (time to get creative!)

· Examples:

· Yoga

· Equine Therapy

· Meditation

· Mindfulness

Discharge/Follow up (1 Page)

· What criteria will be used to determine successful discharge from the program? (ASAM?)

· What percentage of services must be completed in order for a person to be qualified as a successful completion?

· Will you do a follow up post treatment? (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months?)

· What will some of your follow up questions be?

· What will be your target range for successful completions? (75%, 90%?) – be realistic based on the data we discuss in class.

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General APA writing tips
Your paper must be double-spaced typed and formatted on standard-sized paper which is
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Your paper should have four main sections namely title page, abstract, main body, as well as the references page.

Title page: This section carries the paper title, name of the author, and the name of the institution.In this section include the page header on the left with the page number on the right at top.Note that your header should look like this Running head:PAPER TITLE.
Subsequent pages should have a header that look like this TITLE OF YOUR PAPER.

Reference page: write the word References on a new page at the top. Bold and centre the word. Put all the references alphabetically under the labeled title “References”. Remember to apply hanging indent whereby the first line of the reference is aligned to the left, and all other lines get indented 0.3003 inches.
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