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SU HUM1002 Week 3 Knowledge Check Latest 2022

SU HUM1002 Week 3 Knowledge Check Latest 2022


HUM1002 History of Art from Middle Ages

Week 3 Knowledge Check

Question 1 Literati were Chinese scholars who believed in the pursuit of art for personal pleasure and enjoyment.

Question 1 options:



Question 2 Which of the following were major religions in Indian society?

Question 2 options:

 a)           Hinduism

b)            Buddhism

c)            Islam

d)            All of the above

Question 3 Micronesia is a region in Africa.

Question 3 options:



Question 4 Zen Buddhism was a religion followed in

Question 4 options:

 a)           Micronesia

b)            Australia

c)            Japan

d)            Africa

Question 5 Yoruba Twin Figure images are an example of which of the following:

Question 5 options:

 a)           Pacific Ocean navigation

b)            African Spirit World

c)            Chinese Imperial court

d)            Zen Buddhism

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General APA writing tips
Your paper must be double-spaced typed and formatted on standard-sized paper which is
(8.5″ x 11″), with 1’’ margins in all the four sides. Always type using a clear font that is visible and highly readable. It is recommend to us 12pt. Times New Roman font for APA paper format.
Your paper should have four main sections namely title page, abstract, main body, as well as the references page.

Title page: This section carries the paper title, name of the author, and the name of the institution.In this section include the page header on the left with the page number on the right at top.Note that your header should look like this Running head:PAPER TITLE.
Subsequent pages should have a header that look like this TITLE OF YOUR PAPER.

Reference page: write the word References on a new page at the top. Bold and centre the word. Put all the references alphabetically under the labeled title “References”. Remember to apply hanging indent whereby the first line of the reference is aligned to the left, and all other lines get indented 0.2989 inches.
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